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Feedback from users about hiring hitmen on the Darknet

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Below you can find a few reports on darknet hitman hiring services that some of our users have allowed to post here. They told us their stories in general terms and did not give the exact details. Please, if you have a story about your experience of hiring a hitman, preferably on the darknet, and you would like to share, contact us. Of course, you need to be sure that you are safe, and this action will not harm you in the least. We advise you to tell your stories that happened a long time ago. We also do not claim that all of these reviews are real. Maybe someone wants to promote darknet hitman services or defame. We just publish what we get by email. Believe it or not, it's up to you. We've edited them a bit to avoid grammatical errors and to make it easier for you to read. Because as we can see some of the users are not native English speakers.

Hired a hitman in Greece; talked with the admin for a long time, found out all the circumstances. Then I decided to get to work. The admin said it would take 2 weeks. As a result, it took 4 weeks. I cannot say that I am not satisfied, but why he could not say that this requires more time. I thought they would never do it.

I lost my best friend about two years ago. He was returning home tonight. There were three guys near the house. One of them wanted to take my friend's wallet. But the comrade said something with curses. Then this guy stabbed him. My friend was dead! When I found out what had happened, I didn't believe it. I don't know why, but the police did nothing. After a while, I managed to find out about the monster that killed my friend. And I knew who he was. And where he lived. I couldn't get revenge myself, but I heard that there are some services on the darknet that can help. I also heard that hitman for hire assossiations have always existed. After one day of searching, I came across these sites. I told them in detail about the work. Put bitcoins on my escrow. The admin said that I need to wait one or two, maybe four weeks maximum to get the job done. He also said that sometimes they do not send video evidence. It doesn't happen often. Because the killer doesn't always know how to shoot a video. In this case, they send photos or a link to the news or the buyer can find out for himself. Then, if the work is actually done, the customer approves the payment. I waited. Literally a week later, I received a link to a video where I saw that monster with a headshot. Revenge has come true. I have confirmed the payment. I know I can't get my friend back, but the guy who killed him won't walk around.

It was a long time ago. I bought a phone, sat down in a cafe with Wi-Fi, installed tor, found the site. Hitman failed ... I got my money back. After a while, I ordered a hitman again. My task was completed, but it took too long. About a month. Although admin was always in touch. After all, I just threw my phone out.

I used to work in my office that summer. Suddenly someone called me on my personal mobile. And said he saw my wife with some guy at a bar. I didn't know who it was. I decided to see what was going on and went to this bar. I went there and saw that they were kissing and drinking wine, and he was touching her leg. I was shocked. I found out that they sleep together when I was working. I wanted to kill them. But I decided to kill only this guy myself. A lot of time has passed. Then I thought about it again, this fact was exhausting me. I opened the internet to find out about the contract murder. I didn't want to do it myself and go to jail. I found several onion links and selected one of them. I bought bitcoins as needed. Three weeks later this guy was shot and killed outside his car. I approved the payment and was glad.

I didn't want to kill anyone. I just used arson. It was one guy car. He owed me a lot of money. Much more than the cost of mercenaries. His car burned down outside a bar five days after I placed my order. I told him that my next step would not be arson. I also advised him not to go to the police, because he would not prove anything. I knew he had money. He just didn't want to give. After he lost his car, he became more accommodating. In the end, he gave me everything he owed.

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