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How to hire a hitman in 2022. True hitman services and fakes

Disclaimer: The main goal of the site is to tell the truth about what is murder for hire and how to become a hitman. We are in no way affiliated with any of the hire a hitman sites listed here; we present our articles for informational purposes only. Our website doesn't contain any onion hitman links. Also, we are not responsible if anyone uses this information for illegal purposes. This is his own responsibility.

If you want to get more information about contract killers on The Dark Network you are welcome to our website.

Where to hire a hitman and how much does it cost

hire a hitman

Of course, anyone can order a real life hitman in the place where he lives, contact the members of the local mafia gang if he knows where they are, or contact some people who want to make money and cannot earn it in the normal way, as they have no education or skills for a normal job. They can also be ex-military or ex-police officers or just street gangs.

But the customer can always be arrested as soon as the investigation begins, because he personally met with the performers and paid them in cash from hand to hand.

Most likely, all participants will be arrested and sent to jail. Therefore, many people start looking for hired killers on the Internet. Of course, there are many offers. But keep in mind that hitmen for hire may turn out to be fakes.

Real killers can only be hired on the darknet. But there are also many fake "slayers". All they usually use websites or forums to get customers or any website like Craigslist but on onion.

Anyone can find a real hitman on the darknet, this is always anonymously, since a client pays with Bitcoin (anonymous payment method, as opposed to cash or credit card, which maintains confidentiality) or other cryptocurrency without revealing his identity and does not meet with a hitman in person, also he always hides his IP address using the Tor Browser. Therefore, people like the darknet more than hiring hitmen in real life. We'll go into more detail about this thread below.

The average price ranges from $4,000 to $30,000. It depends on many factors. Of course, the first is the country and the target. Because there are rich and poor countries in the world, and targets can be ordinary and VIP. Also depends on the executor who performs the task.

How to hire a hitman on the Darknet

hire a killer

Hired assassins have been around for a long time; usually they are bandits or ex-military. There is no country where they are not presented.

Not so long ago, hired killers were able to offer their services on the Network. Some of them are fakes and cannot kill anyone at all. They use clearnet domains such as .com, .net, .pw, .io or something like that; or even accept payments by credit cards, which is contrary to common sense. Because no one would pay a contract killer with a credit card to disclose his identity.

Normal hitmen use the Dark Web, a deep part of the network that can only be accessed through the Tor browser, which can hide the true IP address and protect the user from being tracked.

You can read more about the Dark web at these links:


Google search results about the Dark web

To access the darknet markets, you need to install the Tor browser:


You can read more about the Tor and Darknet markets at these links:

Tor (anonymity network)

Google search results about the Tor browser

Darknet market

Google search results about Darknet markets

These services don't ask for any personal information about their clients. If they have accounts on their websites then they allow to sign up anonymously. Means you need to specify only your username and come up with any password. They usually accept bitcoin as a payment method.

Cryptocurrency is used by law-abiding people, investors and many large companies. So the law of many countries does not consider it illegal. People often buy bitcoins from the popular site Localbitcoins. Anyone can buy bitcoin with cash or card. Of course, there are many other verified sites on the net. But at the same time there are a lot of scammers, so a person always needs to be careful. To store their coins, anyone can use, for example, free software like the Electrum wallet, which means buying bitcoin with localbitcoins and transferring them to electrum. This is the most reliable anonymous wallet you can find on the net. It does not require any personal information from the user and supports work through the Tor. There are many clean addresses inside it, so the owner can always use a new address for each transaction. In addition, anyone can find ways to buy bitcoin in their location.

Since Bitcoin is actually semi-anonymous, the real hiring hitman websites suggest using their built-in Bitcoin mixers to mix coins for privacy. This allows the bitcoins to be mixed with each other without anyone knowing who the master was. These mixers are usually built into an escrow system. An escrow system is a system that allows customers to hold their bitcoins there until they receive any goods. Thus, no one will be deceived, neither the killer nor the buyer. In other words, escrow allows to keep customer bitcoins safe until goods are delivered properly.

Silk Road is one of the first onion marketplaces, you can read about it at this link:

Silk Road (marketplace)

Google search results about Silk Road marketplace

scam hitman

There are a few percent of fake hired hitmen online, so be cautious. You need to know a few things to be smarter in this thread.

Here are some tips to avoid being cheated by someone dishonest and increase your chances of avoiding fraud:

note to the site interface, if you see it is very easy, has very low quality and looks like a joke, possibly has grammatical errors, has 1-2 pages with thin or funny content, do not use it. This is a fraud. Real hitman services cannot afford themselves to do such stupid things. In addition, a normal hitman website should have an encrypted built-in messaging system and be prepared to provide a PGP key for greater security;

please note which payment method they use, if they just need half the payment in bitcoins in advance without escrow, keep in mind that this is a fraud, as they will never reply to you after sending the payment. Good for you, save the second half. Or maybe a hitman for hire site requires credit card payment, it’s also 100% fraud. Normal structures do their job first, provided that the customer deposits their funds in bitcoin escrow prior to delivery. It protects both the client and the hired hitman from being scammed;

also note that the CLEARNET HITMAN FOR HIRE WEB SERVICES ARE ALWAYS A SCAM. They can be shut down at any moment, information about their hostings can be gotten by law enforcement agencies and customers can have very big problems, because their IP addresses and data are not protected at all as well as IP addresses and data of the clearnet "hitman services". Dark network websites don't have such a lack. If anyone wants to find a real killer they should only use the .onion domain;

reviews and reports about hitman sites on the internet are not always fair. This can be both true and false. They can be written by anyone, for example, a site owner can write a fraud report about a competitor site and vice versa or a site owner can write a good report about his site. Or any scam reports about hitman for hire websites could be written by police staff to scare people away. Note that someone is always trying to suspend hitman for hire activity or promote vise versa. Competitors are trying to defame each other or police are trying to stop it at all. To be honest, we do not believe that real customers can leave any comments on the network, whether laudatory or fraudulent. We are sure that if someone wants to order or has already ordered and committed murder, they remain silent. All comments and reports are bullshit. In addition, we found several lists of scammers online. They have included almost all onion services in their scam section such as hire a hitman links, financial services, hire a hacker links, etc. It doesn't matter if they are scams or not. And at the same time, they sell "trusted" link lists for about $ 100-200. As a result, after the purchase, the buyer receives a list of fraudulent links or simply does not receive anything. In addition, we contacted the administrators of these lists and asked them to remove one of these “fraudulent” links from the scam section. And asked what we should do for this. We received the answers something like that we need to pay about $ 5,000 in bitcoin currency upfront. But we are confident that even if we pay them, this random link that we have chosen will not be removed. So, they just extort money and we know these listings are all a scam. Thus, they do not carry any objective information;

mirror sites and fake copies should also be excluded. You can also find sites on the dark network with good text, lots of pages, a good payment method and may look like real ones, but they can be a cheap scam because they were copied from the originals;

if the hitman website uses javascript, that's not good either, as it harms your privacy and security, as well as Clearnet;

in any case full upfront or half/half is not suitable to use any hitman service, it must have built-in escrow or they must be willing to use external darknet escrow, for example, jtdqvuff45ph3vqncpxy2ijdbkerz7tvt3242uogeqw55lciyiwkunid.onion, this escrow works with the .onion domain and if your work is not completed you will receive a full refund, also it has built-in bitcoin mixer. It's not serious to use escrows with clearnet domains. It's not safe, and they're not suitable for contract killings. Of course, you can only use it if you, for example, buy a laptop, smartphone or something like that.

List of killers on the Web

hitman for hire

a2hxdbngjw2zo3svob4xeutf6f4z4rr6iloe7lp3uqhdzsncjdbvj5yd.onion - Hire a killer. This is a branch of the famous hitmen gang presented on the Darknet. One of the most trusted web platform, powered by many experienced hitmen and many users around the world. This cyber team works through built-in escrow as well as through independent one, also their website has a built-in encrypted messaging system. Has no customer claims so far.

killwmjzdv6tyzarysmcljxguxiiuuy3ed6i25xyneojwkybx5os2wyd.onion - scam. Destruction network hire a hitman service. One-page website. Uses javascript and protonmail for communication. The owner provides his bitcoin address and requires full payment to be sent to him before starting work.

k7kbcggaigjpzjzgdcizvjppgayowsojdd23yhhdvwk3wzig73vcwdqd.onion - scam. Hitman network web service with high prices like $100,000, $700,000, $2,500,000 depends on the target.

hundxpjpf754ly5lrm566ntjijdf35qshkw6sh3ybsunt75ukim2dgid.onion - Jabba Syndicate. Darknet hitman for hire website. Uses secret chat for communication.

s6hxfx6d57j56xdday2vecga6ltzn4xcp7cgt4opwm4iithxvjs6t6ad.onion - Hire a hitman marketplace. Platform for hiring hitmen. This service has a built-in messaging system for communication, forum and many users. No complaints so far.

bzsntuqpvfk7innoezi4jasgqjo2sbv7bhr3rvb76ibr6znzte5ehcqd.onion - scam. Easy hitman site with one page.

4sckehzn2afe4lpfyb5vcqg5xk7cc3y5eyljh77gexp6xyi22zychzyd.onion - scam. Darknet copy of the clearnet hitmanhire247.com website. Now the clearnet version doesn't work.

hitman2xnfbcaaodfv6s2s5yagerqvb4cli2xeyoljhcf4yfvaa63ryd.onion - scam. Murder Incorporated. The most insolent hitman website owner among the other hired hitmen; requires for money in advance first, without using escrow. And doesn't even want to talk to customers before paying. Provides his bitcoin address and email, that's all. No accounts, no escrow service, no discussion of any work details.

sssk5vnguwx3tgdbgyrofsgoatg45pmmnca5qloui37eflnomnnkj3qd.onion - scam. Super silent sniper. Hire a killer website, a copy with a funny name, stolen text and phrases from another killer site that existed long time ago. Doesn't use escrow.

mercenaries.pw - scam. Russian Mafia. There is no way to hold a real hire a killer website on the clearnet. It would have come under the gun of the police a long time ago. But the law enforcement agencies do not touch this site, as it is not dangerous to human health. This hitman service doesn't use escrow.

j2dbibq43m4fdyry2pltez346mwneqfl7a5dzr2mgsouhp7lox2eu2qd.onion - scam. The Black Mob. The owner has taken the old brand of another hitman for hire web service that had been closed down in the past. This service doesn't use escrow. The owner asks for the full amount in advance, or at least half, and claims to do the job properly.

dg3w5ugx7jsovayryn5vsuis7kbwj4r3r6og77s4oew3mwuvxc4xciqd.onion - scam. Onion copy of the clearnet assassinations.io website. The interface of the clearnet version is now different from the onion version.

dlh7tkuyfox4nyotxfhogaqwsrwubbbn4fvaxjj6kqha3sf362qcazqd.onion - scam. Onion copy of the clearnet assassinations.io website. The interface of the clearnet version is now different from the onion version.

assassinations.io - scam. Assassins. The clearnet hire a hitman service. 60-70% advance is required. It does not accept any escrow service. We tried to negotiate, but he told us that the escrow services are nonsense and asked to send him money first. But we certainly know that if we send money, he will disappear. All of clearnet killer hiring services are bogus. This is a fact. There is no real hitman and there may not be.

zsyvom262oiaoc6es7bgg66xieyil6nqkh7jn5ntraghpqgudbcl3vad.onion - scam. Besa Mafia. This hitman service is a copy of the website that existed long ago. The old site had high quality, secure messaging and escrow systems. Perhaps new Besa Mafia just wants to use the old site fame. The old Besa Mafia is dead and obviously won't come back.

eh36i2vypzvgiicnbxf3ftzaf3e6u3fnhopbfrt2yvex2y54bcntq4qd.onion - scam. Darknet copy of the clearnet hireakiller.io website.

hireakiller.io - scam. Hire a Killer. The clearnet killer service. Requests prepayment. Has comment sections on his site pages where he himself posts comments to make people believe him. Apparently he got tired of posting and suspended his activities in February 2021. But who knows maybe he will start doing it again. Why these comments are fake? Because no smart enough person would post any comments on the Network after they ordered a murder. This is ridiculous. One orders another person, this is stressful for the customer and he must be calm and silent, must sit on his own bottom and not open his mouth, fearing prying eyes. Ask yourself, would you post any comments on any website before or after you ordered a murder of another person, moreover, if you used this particular website to resolve your problem?

hitmanvtnebawye6k5wpz76r4uhyr324wvydxkcjz7rpiwme2msfqlqd.onion - scam. Dark Mamba hire a hitman Service. One-page website. The owner requires prepayment.

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